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visual studio code fix indentation

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visual studio code auto indent

On Windows Shift + Alt + F
On Mac Shift + Option + F
On Ubuntu Ctrl + Shift + I

fix indentation visual studio

Select the text you want to automatically indent.
Click Format Selection in Edit, Advanced, or press CTRL+K, CTRL+F. 
Format Selection applies the smart indenting rules for the language 
in which you are programming to the selected text.

viscode format automatico

    // Controls if the editor should automatically format the line after typing
    "beautify.onSave": true,

    "editor.formatOnSave": true,

    // You can auto format any files based on the file extensions type.
    "beautify.JSfiles": [

vscode fix indentation issues

If you open the "Show All Commands" tab, ( by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P or F1 ) 
and search for "convert indentation", two options will by available:

"convert indentation to tabs", and "convert indentation to spaces"

Just choose tabs if you use tabs or 
spaces if use spaces as your indentation method.
This should fix most indentation issues

indent code in vs code

The code formatting is available in Visual Studio Code through the following 

On Windows : Shift + Alt + F
On Mac : Shift + Option + F
On Linux : Ctrl + Shift + I

enable auto indent vs code

Type: Open user settings
Press enter
find Indent related section
find auto-indent

fix indents visual studio code

Shift + Alt + F

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