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html padding

<h2 style="padding-top: 20px; padding-right: 20px; padding-bottom: 20px; padding-left: 20px">London</h2>

padding css

h4 {
  background-color: green;
  padding: 10px;

h3 {
  background-color: blue;
  padding: 10px 5%;

css padding

padding: 5px 10px 15px; //top then left & right then bottom

css padding

padding: 5px 10px 15px 20px; //top right bottom left

padding: 10px 20px;//top & bottom then left & right

padding-top: 5px; //just top padding
padding-right: 10px; //just right padding
padding-bottom: 15px; //just bottom padding
padding-left: 20px; //just left padding


padding: top right bottom left;

padding css

padding:10px 5px 15px 20px;
top padding is 10px
right padding is 5px
bottom padding is 15px
left padding is 20px

css padding syntax

/* Apply to all four sides */
padding: 1em;

/* vertical | horizontal */
padding: 5% 10%;

/* top | horizontal | bottom */
padding: 1em 2em 2em;

/* top | right | bottom | left */
padding: 5px 1em 0 2em;

/* Global values */
padding: inherit;
padding: initial;
padding: revert;
padding: revert-layer;
padding: unset;

padding css

.box {
  padding: <padding-top> || <padding-right> || <padding-bottom> || <padding-left>

css padding

padding: 1%;  // scales proportionally - on ALL sides


padding: <padding-top> || <padding-right> || <padding-bottom> || <padding-left>

/* shorthand padding*/
.box {
  padding: 20px;

/* The same padding written longhand */
.box {
  padding-top: 20px;
  padding-right: 20px;
  padding-bottom: 20px;
  padding-left: 20px;

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